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Friday: SUBS. Saturday: Mike Watt. Enough Said.

Mar 21, 2017 | 10:49 Tue
...Alright, maybe I stopped short there. This week also has some German death metal, some darkwave from Xi Xing, and NOISEShanghai. No rest for the weary as we dive back into the underground. Join me after the jump for what's on for live music this week in Shanghai.




Torturing Nurse - "Sonic Protest"

The experimental music scene in Shanghai is so hot right now. So hot. From ambient to harsh noise there are multiple venues around town like Both Music, Basement6, Yuyintang, Harley's Underground, and Chair Club hosting regular nights. On Thursday the longest running experimental platform going, NOISEShanghai is hosting 6 ear-piercing acts. Leading the pack are performance art noise group Torturing Nurse sharing the small stage with Chinese Blender, Second River (w/ bassist Dabai of Mirrors), Dee, Ganzfeld, and psych rock act Acid+Aming. Be prepared for loud volumes and possible performance art meat flying. Shows starts at 9pm and will run you 50rmb on the door.



SUBS - Live at Midi Festival

One of Beijing's most beloved punk band SUBS returns to Shanghai on Friday. On a month-long tour, the three-piece act lead by Kang Mao is one of China's only larger bands that have chosen not to sign on a record label (i.e. Modern Sky, Maybe Mars, etc). Despite the lack of label support, SUBS are a staple on the festival circuit and usually sell out when playing local live house shows. Not to mention that drummer Josh Feola is one hot beefcafe. Former writer that guy. We taught him everything he knows. And a few things he didn't wanna know. If you want a chance at getting in I suggest buying the 60rmb pre-sale ticket here. Otherwise, it's 80rmb at the door with a start time of 8.30pm (the show is over by 10.30 pm).


The Fallacy - "Pain Killer"

Friday also has another one of China's best rock bands in town with The Fallacy playing Yuyintang. Straight out of Xi Xing, in the He Bei province, The Fallacy throw down a mean post-punk-meets-darkwave set that has been all the rage as of late. Now on Modern Sky Records, I'll be looking forward to hearing their new material. They will be sharing the stage with Shagnhai band Dahlia Rosea, who also signed to Modern Sky recently and won last weekend's Battle of the Bands hosted at The Pearl theater (I smell a ringer). Finally, the self described "creepgaze" group Rubur will play as well. This show is 80rmb at the door and starts at 9pm.


If Chinese punk or synth is not your bag then Inferno has a nice little metal night labeled "Desolation China" lined up. Coming from Munich, Germany death metal band HailStone will be stopping by. Shanghainese band Extinction will be throwing down and representing the home team with their brand of harsh, abrasive, and extreme metal. This show is also 80rmb at the door and starts at 9pm.



Estel - "Mark" (feat. Mike Watt and Steve Mackay)

The biggest show of the year. Well, so far, in this humble dude's opinion. Mike Watt is the legendary post-punk bassist who founded such bands as The Minutemen and Firehose before launching a solo career where he worked with the likes of Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, and Nirvana. Saturday's Yuyintang concert is the last gig of the tour and you'll want to get pre-sale tickets here. If you can't make that one, feel free to visit his Tuesday show at Live Bar in Yangpu District (Shanghai). Then on Wednesday you got him in Ningbo, Thursday is at Wuxi, and Friday is Yiwu. The tour was put together by Shanghai band Round Eye will be will opening at all shows.

Can't thank Round Eye frontman Chachi enough for putting the work together for tours like Mike Watt, Steve Mackay, The Fleshtones, and MDC, just to name a recent few. Doin' the Lord's work, that guy.


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