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Live Music Guide: Record Store Day Gigs and Finnish Metal

Apr 11, 2016 | 13:46 Mon
Welcome, welcome, live music aficionados, to the weekly listings article on what's good for bands and stuff on Shanghai stages this week. Looks like we're in for some legacy symphonic Finish metal, some Beijing-based constructionist electronica (Did I just make that up?), and some good ole fashion vinyl appreciation.

The best kind of appreciation. Besides maybe... stock appreciation? Employee appreciation? Whatevs.

Get stuck in...


Thursday, April 14 @ QSW

What better way to kick off our list then with a little symphonic Finnish metal in the form of Nightwish playing QSW on Thursday. Rocking for 20 years and 9 centuries now, this band isn't afraid to throw down with a little piccolo flute sesh right before the flames of triumphant stadium metal envelops the band on stage and propels the audience to Valhalla. While in China last time, they put together a documentary titled Made in Hong Kong which is very much worth a lazy Sunday night viewing, theoretically. I'd suggest scooting on over to SmartTicket to get some pre-sales but turns out they have MAYO left. I guess you'll be stuck outside with me trying to deal with those kardie scalpers.

Nightwish – "Elan"


If it's one thing we're good at in America, it's creating commercial holidays to bait people into spending their hard-earned greenbacks on things they don't need. That's pretty much Record Store Day in a nut shell. It's the OFFICIAL HOLIDAY when you head out to your local vinyl merchant to give them all your money and other nice things, merely for existing within your general vicinity and keeping you authentic in term of a medium of music consumption. Gosh, vinyl just "sounds so warm" doesn't it? Feel free to say that all day long to whoever will listen this Saturday. This year, Shanghai has four gigs to celebrate everything on wax. Let's discuss.

The Psyders, Non-Plus of Color, and HELM

Saturday, April 16 @ Uptown Record Store

Record Store Day 2016 kicks off with the anniversary of my basement store, Uptown Records. While five of years breathing moldy basement air and cleaning dusty, discarded Japanese records has probably knocked a decade or two off my life, it's been a wiiiiiild ride indeed and totally worth it financially. Saturday, we have Shanghai bands The Psyders playing surf rock and indie darlings Non-Plus of Color, joined by Swedish touring act HELM who is going to lay down an ambient set. HELM was in Beijing last week playing with the likes of RP Boo and Pangbianr founder Josh Feola, with reviews from the blogosphere blowing up huge.

Disclaimer, obligatory disclaimer: Of course, this is my thing. Feel free to take this recommendation with a grain of salt. Record Store Day is the one day of the year SmSh lets me big-up my own shit, besides all those other times I just sneak it in and we all look the other way...

The dance continues!

On top of the bands, local record label SVBKVLT will have a table selling their wares along with Beijing vinyl label Genjing Records. In the GIF-Shop, we're having an exhibition of the long-running punk magazine taste-maker, Maximum Rock N Roll. You can browse through old MRR copies while thinking about punk rock topics, such as: does your dog need a bandanna make over; the pros and cons of making your own hummus; and what back patch will go on your next jean jacket purchase. Uptown Record Store’s five-year anniversary runs from 2pm to 9pm on Saturday, April 16 and is free, free, free. There is an after party at Dada with 7 local DJs, each playing hour-long vinyl sets. That runs 10pm to 5 million o'clock am and is also free.

The Psyders – Pharaoh Surf


Noise Arcade, Little Monster, and Yan Jun

Saturday, April 16 @ Yuyintang

Also on Saturday and in collaboration with Record Store Day, local Miniless Records label head Han Han has organized a day of workshops entitled "Centaurs" which will include live performances on the second floor / chill out area of Yuyintang. Performing the daytime gig is Beijing act Noise Arcade playing hardwired electronics, along with Shanghai duo Little Monster, and Yan Jun. The workshops will include introduction to music composing from Duck Fight Goose bassist 33 and sound engineer Li Weiyu. Just FYI, the workshop will be in Mandarin so this will be a good chance to brush up on your music tech Chinese. What is the Chinese for "too much damn flanger" again? Centaurs is 30rmb and runs from 2pm to 8pm on Saturday, April 16.

Noise Arcade – What’s a Gulou Hipster?


Daily Vinyl Weekend

Sunday, April 17 @ Uptown Record Store

The funk-loving Chinese kids of Daily Vinyl are back with their bi-monthly vinyl swap market. The last one was a bloc party centered around JZ Club on Fuxing Lu. JZ Club is shutting down next month so get down there and enjoy those sweet smooth jazz licks while you can. This time around, Daily Vinyl Weekend will be held in the Uptown Record Store basement and will be the closing event for Record Store Day 2016. Throughout the day, on top of the vinyl swap market will be DJs playing records, hip hop performances, and dance battles. Daily Vinyl Weekend runs from 2pm to 9pm on Sunday, April 17 and is free. That's just a friend price for YOU, to celebrate the occasion.

See you down in the analog dungeon!



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