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Swedish Post Rock, Indie bands from Guangzhou and Taipei, and Beijing Nu Metal

May 17, 2016 | 11:59 Tue
Sacco's rock train arriving at the station one day late today, kids. Hey, we'll get there in the end. We're gonna make it, y'all. Anyway, yeah, greetings Shanghai rock fans. (There are at least two of you, right?) This week we have a nice selection of touring acts in town on Shanghai stages.

Telling you this one even before the jump: One of my favorites by far is Friday’s Your Boyfriend Sucks gig. They're making the rare-ish trip up from Guangzhou; should be one of the best shows of the year. Make sure you're free on Friday to check that one out.

Let's see what else is on tap...


Seas of Year

Tuesday. May 17 @ Yuyintang

This week starts off with a solid post rock show in the form of Seas of Years, presented by Weary Bird Records. The Swedish band is counts among its roster Jari Lindholm, who is famous for his work in the doom metal band Slumber. In fact, most of the members of Seas of Years boast a metal background, playing with various Swedish groups throughout the years. Jari was also a member of the atmospheric post rock outfit AtomA, which had a real good run in Scandinavia. If you find your proper metal tastes spinning out into experimental and post rock terrain, that's one to check out. Door fee is 80rmb and show starts at 9pm. That's tonight (Tuesday night) at the 'Tang.

Taste the goods.

Seas of Years – Passing Skies

Your Boyfriend Sucks, Little Monster, and HoWhy

Friday, May 20 @ Yuncai Café

More on Friday's aforementioned show: Guangzhou indie rock darlings Your Boyfriend Sucks are in town behind their latest EP, entitled The First Episode. The band was on a hiatus for a while, but have returned in fine form to spread their Cantonese-brand shoegaze music across this fine land. Also on the bill are the Chinese funk group HoWhy. These kids look like a bunch of math league champions, but they get down with classic funk covers and originals. Interesting pairing. Then they have the Chinese / Brazilian duo of Little Monster as well as Anma Team rounding things out. Venue is Yuncai Café. If you haven’t been, it's a circle-shaped venue in the middle of a park that always has a bunch of aunties dancing around. Classic Shanghai flavor. Very family friendly. Show starts at 8:30pm and will run ya 60rmb at the door. Or you can snag the pre-sales for 20rmb cheaper here.


Friday, May 20 @ Yuyintang

Also on Friday, across town, is the Taiwanese indie pop act Hush. Hush is on tour in support of a new album entitled Monopoly. The past three albums included a full band line-up, but it looks like singer Chen He Xu wants to fly solo as he's dropped the supporting act for this latest record. Expect lots of starry eyed young ladies at this gig. Chen He Xu is quite popular around the Taipei indie pop scene -- a very youth-oriented scene if there ever was one. Hush is playing five mainland dates including Guangzhou, Xiamen, Beijing, and Hangzhou. Door fee is 100rmb and starts at 8:30pm with no opening act.

Zuo You

Saturday, May 21 @ MAO Livehouse

Last one to wash out the Taiwan twee pop. This Saturday night, in town from Beijing is hard rockers Zuo You. The genre of nu metal has somewhat ebbed even in Beijing over the last few years, but these guys are keeping the fires burning. They're still in it for the nookie. After releasing a number of EPs over the last minute, Zuo You released their first full-length album last December, entitled Break It in My Way. Presumably about breaking things. In their way. One of the more popular heavy acts out of Beijing, expect a decent sized crowd of local metal and rock fans. This gig is 100rmb at the door and the show starts at 8:30pm.

Keep on rocking in the free world, Shanghai. Doot doot-a-loot doot.


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