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Free Beer Alert: Big Bamboo and Blind Pig Serve 2-Hour Beery Free Flow With Dinner

Oct 21, 2019 | 14:50 Mon
Just the facts! An event listing came in over the wire this weekend. Big Bamboo in Hongqiao and the Blind Pig on Nanyang Lu are offering diners two hours of free-flow beer, every weekday, from 4-6pm. It's only their Coronado line, it's only for dine-ins, you have to follow their WeChat, and it's only while supplies last. Considering the drinking habits of the average Big Bamboo patron, we give it thirty minutes to bone-dry. Once saw a guy in a Man United jersey break the top off a glass bottle so he could lick out the dregs, back before it became Blind Pig. True story. Best get in quick for free beer! The best kind of beer.


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