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Free Booze Alert: Windows 17-Year Anniversary On Wednesday

Nov 17, 2015 | 11:52 Tue
How has the Windows Burger remained 15rmb for almost a decade?

More importantly, how has Windows stayed relevant for almost two decades, despite the advent of Perry's, speakeasies, 120rmb cocktails, tapas, "soft openings", EDM, antibiotic resistant bacteria, smartphones, 9/11, fracking, two financial crises, multiple wars in the Middle East, Yongkang Lu, about twelve metro lines, and three generations of Playstation?

Maybe 'cause they got a 15rmb burger. You know that shit's just delicious. Maybe something else...

Well, kids, that's a secret, and Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told.

[Insert something to do with quesadillas, Haibao shirts, and keeping it real.]

Friends. Windows celebrates 17 years in the game with two hours of free flow errrrythang on Wednesday from 9-11pm, at Windows Too, Windows Scoreboard, Windows Parkside, and Windows Garage. From their roots in a parking lot across from The Portman in 1999 to the mad world we live in today, may you keep on keepin' on.

Congrats, Windows. May we all be eating 15rmb burgers in some bombed out, post-apocalyptic crater 17 years from now.


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