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Hey, That Big Beer Festival Is Back on the South Bund All Weekend. Here's the Details.

May 6, 2016 | 16:01 Fri
Oh, hey Shanghai. Here's your dose of neon lights, beer, rage, abandon, DJs, performances, Zumba, Internationalism, and carnival vibes for the weekend.

Over 250 beers from 24 countries are on offer starting this evening at 6pm at the seventh incarnation of the Guzhou Shanghai International Beer Festival, a fest by alcohol distributor Bevex. The event runs until midnight tonight at Wharf 1846 near the Cool Docks, then on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm-midnight.


You'll find taps from Goose Island, MOA Brewery, Kaiserdorm, Reberg, Liefmans, Brooklyn, Estrella, Magners, and many more -- there's over 200 beers on offer. Food at the festival comes from La Coyota, Bikini, Haya, Drei Konen 1308, Melrose Pizza, and over 20 others.


But, what else, you ask?

It's a very international festival

There are games and performances happening throughout the festival. One game is simply called "Models". Not sure what that is. Sounds real good. There is also a mechanical bull, beer mug lifting, and cup lifting. Music comes from peeps like DJ Karishti, SKIV, Rocky Ross, Verse@ille, Laobang, and others. There is a reoccurring "Bears Show" throughout this whole thing, including a "Goodbye Bears Show" that's bound to be a tearjerker. Tickets to the festival are 50rmb, though it's not hard to find them for free.

Here's the full list of performances.

Friday, May 6

6-6.30pm: Playlist
6.30-6.35pm: Bears Show
6.35-6.45pm: Live dance show
6.45-8.15pm: Sound of Shanghai: DJ SKIV + Drummer
8.15-8.20pm: Bears Show
8.20-8.30pm: JT Dance
8.30-9.30pm: DJ Verse@ille
9.30-9.40pm: JT Dance
9.40-10.40pm: Sound of Shanghai: DJ SKIV + Drummer
10.40-10.50pm: JT Dance
10.50-11pm: Goodbye Bears Show

Saturday, May 7

2-14:30pm: Playlist
2.30-2.35pm: Bears Show
2.35-3.05pm: Singers Duo: Irina & Dmitri
3.05-3.15pm: JT Dance
3.15-3.20pm: Bears Show
3.20-3.50pm: Singers duo: Irina & Dmitri
3.50-4.15pm: Zumba Show
4.15-4.25pm: JT Dance
4.25-5.55pm: Sound of Shanghai: DJ Kadwell + Yi
5.55-6pm: Bears Show
6-6.10pm: JT Dance
6.10-7.40pm: Reggeaton Live Battle: DJ Nacim & DJ Tuto
7.40-7.50pm: Live dance show
7.50-9.20pm: Sound of Shanghai: DJ Karishti
9.20-9.30pm: JT Dance
9.30-9.35pm: Bears Show
9.35-8.15pm: DJ Ben
20.15-11pm: Deeday Laobang


Sunday, May 8

2-2.30pm: Playlist
2.30-2.35pm: Bears Show
2.35-3.05pm: Mamahuhu Band
3.05-3.15pm: JT Dance
3.15-3.20pm: Bears Show
3.20-3.50pm: Mamahuhu Band
3.50-4.20pm: Zumba Show
4.20-4.30pm: JT Dance
4.30-5.50pm: DJTuto + Lek Vega
5.50-6pm: JT Dance
6-7.30pm: Sound of Shanghai: DJAZ + Saxophonist
7.30-7.40pm: JT Dance
7.40-9.10pm: DJNacim + Manuel
9.10-9.20pm: JT Dance
9.20-9.25pm: Bears Show
9.25-10.55pm: DJ Rocky Ross
10.55-11pm: Goodbye Bears Show


Play it safe kids!


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