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Higher Brothers, DJ Craze, Four Color Zack Incoming for SHFT Events; Tickets Now Available

Jun 29, 2018 | 16:50 Fri
Children of the LIT generation, you're going to want to get your tickets to these sooner rather than later. The fam at SHFT have a couple of big time events coming up in the near future featuring luminaries of the hip hop scene new and legendary. In brief: Higher Brothers are headlining Plugfest on July 14; meanwhile, they're also hosting in 2 Cents -- a turntablaism duo comprised of DJ Craze and Four Color Zack -- at their first pool party of the season Get Wet.



Volume 1 of SHFT's pool party season kicks off at the Purple Mountain Hotel Rooftop Pool, with notorious international superstar duo 2¢ on the decks. Composed of DJ Craze (4 time World DMC Champion) and Four Color Zack (Redbull Threestyle World Champion), these guys are taking those pool party vibes to whole. 'nother. level. Another level! These guys keep it straight to the point, pumping out raw, unapologetic mix-tapes that take on everything from the industry they work in to the world at large. They're bass heavy, they're scratchy, they're funky, they despise labels, they're real. They're a powerhouse. Settle into their groove and relax on the rooftop, or go wild. Get wet.


Plug Fest is back! The annual day festival celebrating global and local urban culture was launched last year, and welcomed more than 2,000 attendees with a line-up of premium local and international talent, as well as urban sports, dance and an urban market. This year, they're even bigger. It's a full day with performances from over 16 artists with Chengdu's infamous Higher Brothers, part of Chengdu Rap House and Taiwan's MJ116 as headliners. They've also go London-based Stööki Sound in as special guests, and a bunch more performing throughout the day. Music, food, activities, with a distinctly urban bent, it's a celebration of anything 'urban culture' could possibly encompass.


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