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Hot Club News! ZHAI Opens Friday; BANDIT and MASTER Coming Soon; and CE LA VI Returns(?)

By Jul 30, 2020 Nightlife
Four(ish) options to add to your rotation of caps locks CLUBS. The space that once was Arkham in Found 158 has instead become ZHAI, courtesy of at least one person from ASL, described as the nightclub you'd put into the basement of your mansion if you could afford it — wait a minute — laid out with tiered table-seating, and integrating some sort of a membership program. That's opening Friday, July 31. Exciting!

Up near Wuding/Jiaozhou Lu, the group behind Barbarian and MANIA are opening a three-floor club called BANDIT. First floor is meant to be a cafe/brunch spot, second floor is a house/techno club and cocktail lounge, and the third floor is a terrace. Soft opening expected around mid-August.

Going into TX Mall is a new club in collaboration with teamLAB. It's called MASTER and is described as a "24h immersive art space" in a club, incorporating teamLAB technology, which sounds... absolutely insane. Not to be mistaken with the quartet of DJs they currently have playing in the actual teamLAB location; this is a different, 3,500sqm space which will be separated into three distinct music sections for EDM, hip hop and techno. When we first mentioned it last year, it was scheduled for "early 2020," but then, you know, stuff happened.

Finally, the rumor is that CE LA VI, the short-lived tripartite Bund club is meant to be coming back? Maybe?! Is that all we know, or is it all we can share?! Speculation! Club gossip!



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