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La La Land Is Returning; Opening in Found 158

Jul 17, 2018 | 16:32 Tue
Here's a little tid-bit for the Shanghai clubbing world old timers. Tongren Lu late night house music club of yore La La Land, which according to the SmSh Great List of Closed Venues, shuttered back in 2009 is returning to YOUR LIFE. (A Future Perfect, Bling, City Diner, and Bon Bon also bit the dust that year, incidentally). One of the original owners of the club is opening up a new venue called "Nuke by La La Land" with a little help from the Celia crowd. It's a two-room space, so one of the rooms is "Nuke" and the other is "La La Land". They've got a spot right next to Arkham in Found 158. Click through for a review of the old La La Land on Resident Advisor. (It's worth it.)



"On my drunken stumble from my taxi to Manhattan, I heard some electronic music that pulled me in. Should have known it was Missile Myles on the decks and a ton of smiling, happy, dancing people. The decor is beautiful, my drink was strong and Carsten and his staff were friendly and seemed to be having more fun than the customers! Great place to check out and feel some noise."

How's that for a time capsule?

More details to be announced. It's behind an ominous black tarp right now. But yeah, almost 10 years later, there's going to be a new La La Land in Found 158 in September. Somebody tell Jon Benn.

In a related story: You are so, so, so, so old.


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