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Local Love Indie Showcase, Lithuanian Rock, Metal, Metal, and More Metal

Feb 14, 2017 | 17:11 Tue
Alright, alright, alright. Spring Festival is over and we can finally welcome back the hordes of rock and pop musicians from across the globe that plague our local live houses. On the boats and on the planes, they're coming to Shanghai. They've got a dream they came to share. They're coming to Shanghai...



En Route - Live Full Set (2017)

If you're looking for love in the form of a local band showcase Yuyintang has you covered this Valentine's Day. The show is fronted by local rock staple En Route. Hearts will melt for Shanghai's pop-punk darlings. I say never let you go En Route. Sharing the bill are the equally loveable Mister.Lady. Mister.Lady plays a more straightforward alt rock style sung in Mandarin. Also playing is the all-girl indie pop band Machiatto. It's been a couple years since I've seen the ladies on stage and I'm curious to what's in store for them in 2017. This Valentine's Day show will run you 100rmb at the door and it starts at 8:30pm. Expect it to be a busy one!


Jurga - "Juoduoju Baltuoju"

Wednesday down at Red Town's On Stage live house is a special Lithuanian showcase from promotion group DDL. Co-hosted by the Lithuanian Culture Institute, Shanghai will be a treated to a couple of Northern Europe's finest. Jurga is a singer/songwriter hailing from the city of Telšiai. The vocalist and pianist outputs a style of soulful pop that has won awards from outfits like MTV Europe's EMA. Jurga is joined on her China tour with musician and electronic producer SillyCut. His style reminds me of a 90's trip hop updated with chaotic patterns and thoughtful productions. On Stage should be the perfect intimate venue for this show which will run you 100rmb at the door. Things kick off at 8:30pm.


Periphery - "The Way the New Goes"

It's been nearly three weeks since a touring progressive metal band has graced the Shanghai stages and this town must be going through serious withdrawal symptoms. Luckily American band Periphery is coming to Shanghai to soothe those breakdown and build up shakes. While I do like Periphery's math rock elements their vocals are a little too pop driven for my taste. The Washington D.C. band has a new album album out titled Select Difficulty that is available via their website. Also on the bill are Japanese metalcore outfit Abstracts. I do like how Abstracts tag themselves as Metal Sushi. Tickets will run you 220rmb and are available here.


Torturing Nurse - "Live in Japan"

Harley's has one heck a rip roaring experimental show this Friday on the books. Some of my favorite Shanghai psych rock and noise acts will be sharing the stage at Xuihui's favorite basement bar. On the bill are three-piece psych fusion outfit Mirrors that features Daniel Nagels of Future Gaze. Two-piece act Acid & Aming will be keeping things heavy and loud. Then you have the sometimes one man show of Torturing Nurse which is always the wildcard. Will Junky play a straightforward noise set? Will there be a staged fight? Will they burn this whole mother down? Finally, a psych rock act called Shui Men Ting is playing which I'm quite curious about. Get ready to get weird down at Harley's on Friday for 40rmb. Starts at 9:30pm.


OVE - "Untie Me"

Big ole metal showcase hitting the Inferno stage on Saturday with no less than four evil, evil, evil bands. Hell of a Time Vol. 2 will feature a new metal/hardcore called DDD with all Japanese members. You might remember these guys from their previous band Fire Head. Moving down the night's roster we've got all Shanghainese metalcore slayers Fighting Back. A personal favorite in the form of post-hardcore outfit On the Verge of Extermination. Finally, another new band called Second Son who takes influences from such acts as Megadeth, Korn, Deftones, and Lamb of God. You got me at Korn guys. All four bands for just 40rmb and that includes a free drink! The show starts at 9:30pm and Satan usually shows up around 10pm.

Everywhere around the world, they're coming to Shanghai! Every boy and every girl they're coming to Shanghai!


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