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More Festivals: Two Beer Fests & A Cocktail Fest

Apr 20, 2016 | 16:31 Wed
Alright, if you haven't checked our spring music festival guide, peep that first. Here's some more festival news: First, Backstreet Boys are playing a music festival a few hours from Shanghai during the spring festival. Backstreet's BACK... and no one cares.

But you might care about these three fests, starting with the first ever Shanghai Cocktail Festival from April 28 to May 2.

It was only a matter of time, people...


1. Shanghai Cocktail Festival

April 28-May 2 @ K11 Roof Garden

This one is really last minute but actually looks alright. Basically, you've got bartenders from Shanghai and beyond mixing up drinks and teaching guests how to make them, along with food from Hungry Lungs Kitchen and LA Pho (both solid places). This all happens at K11's sky garden.

Here's some of the bars involved: Barules, Taste Buds, Lavida Club, Constellation, Harley's, JZ Latino, Logan's Punch, My Place Ruin Bar, Tattoo Family, and Tailor Bar. Coming in from out of town are Beckaly Franks from The Pontiac in Hong Kong, Micaela Piccolo from B-28 in Seoul, Jackie Lo from Hong Kong, and Daniel Taytslin from spirits distributor Gotham East.

One-day tickets are 100rmb, including two cocktails and one DIY cocktail OR one snack. Five day tickets, including 10 cocktails (two each day) and five DIY drinks OR five snacks are 380rmb. Event runs 2pm to 10pm each day.

2. The 7th Guozhou Shanghai International Beer Festival

May 6-8 @ Wharf 1846

That big beer festival is back at the South Bund. Organized by alcohol distributor Bevex, they've got three days of beers -- from industrial brews to craft beers -- DJs, performances, F&B, and drunkenness, drunkenness, drunkenness. They have a neon show that starts at 8pm each night. It's pretty busy and pretty mental. Lots of stimulation. Tickets are 50rmb, including a bottle of beer, although you can often find free tickets around town. Times: Friday, 6pm to midnight; Saturday and Sunday, 2pm to midnight.

Check out our photo gallery from last year's edition for a taste of the vibes.

3. Shanghai Beer Festival 2016

Organized by Boxing Cat Brewery and friends, this used to be known as the Sinan Mansions Beer Festival, but they moved to Hongqiao in 2015. It is the chiller, more locally-focused of Shanghai's big two beer fests. Expect a lot of domestic beers from breweries around China and Asia, like Great Leap, Slow Boat, Jing A, Devolution (Dalian), Ok Bar (Wuxi), Pasteur Street (Vietnam), Liquid Laundry, The BREW, Master Gao (Nanjing), and many more. There's also food stalls from local restaurants, a bit of live music, and some DJs.

Actually this is the final event of Shanghai Beer Week, which runs from May 20-29, starting with a drunken cruise down the Huangpu, followed by beer events and talks around town, and then this.

Check out our photo gallery from last year's edition for a taste of the vibes.



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