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Screw It: Yeah, Acid Mothers Temple Is Cancelled

By Feb 19, 2014 Nightlife
Yeah. Off.

Still waiting on the "official line" from promoters Split Works on the cancellation of the Acid Mothers Temple JUE Festival appearances but people keep asking, so we're tossing it right back down the blog echo chamber: screw it, yeah, it's off. Yeah, it's a bummer man. Serious. Total bummer. Yeah, it's a pretty serious blow to this festival -- Acid Mothers was definitely one of the marquee acts -- but, hey, there's plenty of other stuff to enjoy for sure.

We're spinning the Great Big Wheel of Closures and Cancellations Reasons we've got in our office and it's come up "cosmic ballet". We're going with that until we get the official press release some time anon. We'll update this post if the reason turns out to not be cosmic ballet.


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