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The Parrot Closes This Weekend And Other R.I.P. News

Aug 13, 2020 | 13:00 Thu
Racking up that body count: Al's Diner — the Xiangyang Nan Lu one that was closed for renovation after a fire broke out — never recovered, and closed in July. Long-running modern Malaysian restaurant Cafe Sambal closed its doors back in June as well, putting the full-stop on ten years in Jiashan Market.

And this just in, Funkadeli's Donghu discotheque The Parrot is calling it quits after a tight, trim four years. It happens! The space is set to be taken over by another well-known nightlife concept (hot gosssssssssssip), but that's for later; for now, they're throwing a big closing party this weekend. Friday, August 14 is "Free the Parrot," which we're pretty sure is illegal that close to a kindergarten. No cover mentioned for that day. Saturday, August 15, it's "The Last Dance" with music by Alter, starting from 10pm and going till closing. 100rmb to get in with two drinks before midnight. Expect the narrow alley to be rammed with sweaty, blitzed clubgoers. As it was, so it shall be. Parrot wansui.


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