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Saturday's "Indoor EDM Extravaganza" Schedule And Details

By Dec 19, 2015 Nightlife
Hey kids. If you're headed to this Nexxus EDMz festival at the west end of Line 2 -- the one with 40rmb water -- here's how it's going down. Also, Shanghai trap rappers Busy Gang just broke up, so they're off the lineup.

Venue: The National Exhibition and Convention Center is attached to Xujingdong station, the terminal station on Line 2 (westbound). Here's what the Nexxus looks like:

333 Songze Da Dao,
near Yingang Dong Lu
崧泽大道333号, 近盈港东路

I saw a WeChat Moment with the lighting test and almost had a grand mal seizure.

Tickets: Door tickets are 580rmb, which does not include free water. Wow. That's mad, considering:


Update: Tickets are possibly 250rmb all night now with the WeChat flyer that's going around.

"Ticketing is smooth" says one person who's down there. We've heard they're expecting 2-3k people and the venue is massive, so…the scalper aunties and uncles will probably be in the vicinity. Apparently tickets are available for 250rmb at the door before 4pm with a WeChat flyer that's going around.

F&B Situation: Drinks are in the 30-40rmb range (water is 40rmb), and Melrose Pizza is also on site. Welp… There is good late-night food out that way though -- Hongquan Lu near Hongxin Lu is a strong look.

Lineup: During the day, a mix of Shanghai characters like Mau Mau from Co:Motion, Keint from Bar Rouge, Tsunano from 1LVSH / SHFT, Max Shen from Arkham, and most interestingly, Conrank performing with Sa Ding Ding.

Sa Ding Ding is this pop singer mystery who sings in a made-up language, often on TV like during the CCTV New Year's Gala. She's kinda got a Zeena, Warrior Princess x Shanghai Tang look going on and one friend described her as such: "At first she had this futuristic look and sang, like, 'I'm Your Little Butterfly' Dance Dance Revolution music, but everyone thought that was really weird. Then she just disappeared for a long time, and came back as like, the queen of the Hobbit kingdom." She and Shanghai-based bass-music producer / fitted-hat connoisseur Conrank made a much-hyped album in 2013 that never reached its expected heights. Allegedly, back then, her team wasn't interested in doing shows at less-than-stadium-size venues like Arkham, and the album wasn't promoted that hard. So this is the first time they've played this kind of show / festival together in Shanghai.

Then in the evening you have bargain bin French dude DJ Falcon, who surely just gets lovelier with age. After him is old-school superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold, who's latest Soundcloud post is a "Future House" remix of Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Other Side." Dude is so far gone. He's lost in the Nexxus. Closing the night is LA EDM guy KSHMR, whose productions sound like dance music for moon peasants.


2-2.30pm: Shali
2.30-3.05: Max Shen
3.05-3.40: Tsunano
3.40-4.15: Mau Mau
4.15-4.50: Keint
4.50-5.50: DJ Falcon
5.50-6.50: Norman Doray
6.50-7.25: Sa Ding Ding & Conrank
7.25-8pm: DJ Aven
8-9pm: Paul Oakenfold
9-10pm: KSHMR

After-Party?: In the fucking NEXXUS, brah. Look -- your mind is dripping on the floor. There is no official after-party. Perhaps there is another Nexxus, in some Gubei mystery bar, the kind with no windows and a really nice door. If you're already on the Westside, that Star Wars rock show with six bands at Yuyintang and Popasuda at Dada look alright.

Sounds interesting. Look out for our photographer Aleksander down there. Possible updates forthcoming.

And remember -- Winners don't do bears.



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