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Windows Turns 20 Years Old and More Anniversaries This Month

By Sep 12, 2018 Nightlife
Time to get all nostalgic, Shanghai, we've got five venues that've managed another trip around the sun without getting hit by 1) license violations, 2) urban development, 3) debtor's jail and/or 4) Goose. Windows, Cotton's & Tomatito, right after the jump!


Did Shanghai even exist 20 years ago? Was there just one DJ with a Toshiba and a pirate version of Fruity Loops? And then there was Windows. Like the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Windows taught a generation of youngsters to beat each other to death with boneclubs. Wait, no, it taught them to drink! Drink cheaply. Drink irresponsibly. We may have aged, but that winning business plan has not.

Starting September 26, to celebrate two entire decades and seven venues, Windows will be hosting drink deals across town, including a travelling three-hour draft free-flow; Windows Garage on Sep 26, Scoreboard on Sep 27, and the all-new Times on Sep 28. The rest of the venues will be running deals like 5-drinks-for-50. Windows wansui!

Next down the list is Cotton's, which is celebrating 15 years on Anting Lu on September 15. Cotton, herself a Shanghai institution, managed to create something comfortable, cozy and homey for foreigners in an old Xuhui villa. It's kind of staggering it has lasted as long as it has. They're celebrating with free canapes from 6-8pm and live music.

Tomatito turns four years old on September 20, by winding back the clock to the "first Spanish party of all"! Wait, the Altamira Cave Drink And Draw? No! The "el guateque"! What's that? No idea! Dress up for 60s, it's 200rmb for 10 tickets, used for drinks, food and games.

Jing'an favorite The Rooster is turning three years old on September 15 and celebrating with hourly giveaways and a happy-hour that goes from 3pm until the bao'ans break it up with a hose.

Finally, the little favela bar that could, Barraco has reached one year on Fuxing Zhong Lu on September 16. Celebrate with feijoada, live samba and samba dancers, along with free caipirinha shots. Beautiful.



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