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Suprise, You're Dead! Amber Lounge Is Closed; Here's Some Other After-Hours Options.

Mar 14, 2016 | 14:22 Mon
Openings & Closings: The circle of life churns at a frantic, untenable pace for venues in Shanghai. Follow our equally desperate attempt to keep up.
"Let's go to Amber" -- famous last words spoken by many around 5.14am, when normal bars close and normal people go to sleep, or hook up, or order McDonald's delivery, or wake up and go to the park to walk backwards and maybe fix their qi by banging their back against a tree.

Well, the popular after-hours club / portal to the darkside known as Amber Lounge is no more. They closed about a week ago, possibly due to leasing and zoning issues, according to some DJs who play there frequently. One of the partners in the operation had no comment except for "something new coming soon."

"No comment." -- More words often spoken in reference to Amber Lounge and the activities that transpire within, usually through gnashing teeth and with a certain palpable sense of sweaty regret.

If you're still looking for places to party in the early morning, you've got a couple options.


1) The Mansion: Not sure how long this one will be around (word on the streets is their lease is up later this year), but for now, the kwazy kids kastle in Hongqiao is raging techno and house until at least 7 or 8am every Friday and Saturday.

2) Downtown: The original Amber Lounge was here before they moved across the street to an old KTV that had become Ding Dong Disco's club, KTV. Now it's a loosely sci-fi themed bar playing house, tech-house, and techno, and they're already seeing a windfall from Amber's closure. They're open Wednesday-Saturday.

3) URVC: Popular small-club in Jing'an was never intended as an after-hours joint, but weekend parties there frequently go until well after sunrise. Rocky Ross's Sunday Feel Good Party, which is easily one of the best weekly Sunday nights, once went until 11am. That's 11am on a Monday morning. Damn, people, don't you need to go home and type up your resumes or something? Make some changes?

4) Fabric: This spot on Xiangyang Lu under Kartel and Kung Fu Komedy used to be an after-hours club called Room. I went there once, and when I tried to sit down on a couch, a very professional woman told me, "If you want to sit there, you need to buy waters for me and all my friends. Water is 60rmb each." They re-branded as "Fabric" (no relation to the London club) in 2015, with DJ Steve Money managing the place. Super nice dude.

5) Dragon Club. Hail to the king, baby.

Stay tuned for info about what Amber's got coming up next. Probably more wholesome family entertainment.


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