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Online to Offline: Booze Delivery Service DrinKuaidi Opens a Bar Counter on Changle Lu

May 14, 2020 | 16:38 Thu
We're regressing! Ecommerce is becoming just commerce. DrinKuaidi, a drinks delivery service which has been around for about three years (we tried it out back then), has opened up an actual, physical, brick-and-mortar bar on Changle Lu. Well, more like a counter than a bar, seeing as there's only outdoor seating. But hey, as the weather gets better, here's another option on the packed Fumin Lu nexus to get cheap, alcoholic refreshments.

There are like four stools on the street in front of this tiny little counter-top which doubles (triples?) as a distribution center and an exercise in brand awareness. You can't rent billboards on Changle Lu, but you can rent shopfronts! Not sure what they'll do when winter rolls around, but the bottle shop two doors down seems to manage.

You scan a QR code to order via their online store: cheap and easy cocktails for under 40rmb, a decent collection of natural wines, some beers, LAIBA bottled cocktails... their stock still doesn't match Shanghai9's, for example, but if you live nearby, you can't beat them for convenience. Using this as a headquarters means that some people in the neighborhood get their deliveries in under 15 minutes. Dangerous.

Not the first wine/beer/cocktail delivery business to open a location (XO Bar has been around for ages). Before COVID-19, this would have been barely a blip on my radar. After a couple months of being locked up indoors and getting everything delivered, it just seems sort of quaint to see an online platform create a space in the real world. In meatspace! The realm of skin-on-skin contact, where my hand can lightly brush yours as you hand me a 39rmb plastic cup of pineapple and grapefruit punch.

Did you feel it? Is that a hairline fracture in the Special Period, or is just the punch talking.


DrinKuaidi is located at 678 Changle Lu, near Fumin Lu / 长乐路678号, 近富民路. You can also order their stuff through our marketplace.


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