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All-You-Can-Bat Mondays At Cages

May 23, 2016 | 12:11 Mon
Deals Tested: We kick the tires on various food, drink or miscellaneous deals so you don't have to.
They didn't have a lumberjack wood chopping championship playing on a permanent loop on the TVs in the bar area. There weren't any fathers, just within earshot, berating the bejeezus out of their six-year-old sons for slopping hitting stances. There were no '90s alt rock and nu metal hits of yore blaring of out scratchy computer speakers mounted in the ceiling corners.

As far as baseball batting cages go, the Changhua Lu Cages is a whole lot less 'MURICA than what we're used to, even compared to its recently deceased brother in Gubei, which could check at least two of those boxes.

But they do have batting and that's the main thing you're coming for anyways. The deal is this: On Mondays between 3-7pm, you can hit as many balls as you'd like for 80rmb.


It goes like this: You fumble around lost on Changhua Lu for 10 minutes until you find yourself in a dusty, abandoned lot flanked by a warehouse and some nondescript garages. It feels like you're actually here to meet your buddy Dom -- well, he's more like a brother to you, actually -- to plan your escape from a vengeful drug cartel who gave you 12 hours to leave the city. (In a series of cars that are not only fast but are also furious.)

But actually you're just here to hit some baseballs...

In the warehouse (which is actually Cages), you tell the staff that you want to do the all-you-can-hit deal, pay the 80rmb (or 60rmb if you're a student), and just whack away. They won't give you any coins. The machines will shoot off 15 balls every time you hit the start button.

There are four lanes with speeds of 110kph, 50kph, and Don't Be a Loser. No one really seems to know what they are doing -- even the guy with the GoPro strapped to his head. But that's okay. It's relaxed here; you could even come alone and make a friend or two. Or come with a date. Later into the evening, a mix of people start arriving. Some Japanese businessmen roll in and grab a couple of beers before hitting the cages. A couple of youngsters rack up balls on the pool table. One young woman that looks like she just got out of a investment meeting is swinging away. She seems like she's going places.

If you don't want the all-you-can-hit or if want to keep going past 7pm, you can get tokens for 15 balls for 20rmb. For drinks, Cages has a gigantic menu of cocktails, shots, and bottled and draft beer. Their unique-ish draft options include Murphy's Irish Stout, Erdinger Weissbier, and Boxing Cat's Contender for 65rmb a pint. Not a bad selection. Their happy hour goes from 6pm-8pm, and you can either get another alcoholic drink or a token with your order. Obviously, the additional drink is the better deal.

If you mainly want to do some batting and can make it out on a Monday before 7pm, this is the deal for you. Basically: if you're a student or an intern, this is your Monday spot to hit a few dingers.


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