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Where To Watch The Champions League Final

May 29, 2019 | 14:48 Wed
This Sunday there is a big football game. The irresistible force of Liverpool will meet the immovable object of Tottenham Hotspur in a match that is already being described as "one of the many football games happening this year" and "on this Sunday." Actually, it’s more like Monday for us [Update: it is, in fact, on Sunday morning. Whoopsie!]. Kickoff is at 3am Shanghai time, but a bunch of bars are staying open to show it.


The match will be shown on the biggest screen in Shanghai above the bar at Cages. Entry is 100rmb which also gets you 6 vouchers to use on food, drink or facilities at Cages. This ticket won’t guarantee you a seat though, so if you want to sit down then get there early. All fans welcome but in the past Cages has been the venue where the Liverpool Supporters Club Shanghai Branch sometimes watch games, so Spurs fans be aware of this.

Mixed colors and no deals on drinks, but they will be serving food. They have multiple TVs located at different ends of the bar, so natural segregation can take place should you feel like you won’t be able to contain your rage if your team is losing.

Expected to have many more Liverpool fans than Spurs. Tickets are a little steep at 200rmb, but that will include at least 4 bottles of beer or the equivalent. Kitchen is closed.

Mostly Tottenham here. No entry fee has been decided yet although that could be TBA. Kitchen is semi open – bars snacks will be available, along with a few deals on drink. 4 bottles of standard lager such as Tsing Tao, Carlsberg and Tiger is 100rmb, and its buy-one-get-one-free on pints of Pilsner.

Mixed colors, but there is a 120rmb entry fee. This will get you either two beers (Pilsner, IPA, Summer Ale) or a house wine or mixer. Kitchen is fully operational in case you come over with a case of the drunchies.

Owned by the same people as Big Bamboo, the entry fee and drinks deal is the same. The kitchen is also going to be totally open, but they are expecting more Liverpool fans than Spurs.

Might be a good idea to get to Bund Bowl early and grab your seat, maybe bowl a little to relieve some stress. Each 100rmb ticket gains you entry to watch the game on a very big screen, but also includes 3 vouchers that can be redeemed for food and beverage items after entering the venue.


[This article was updated to fix a time-zone cock-up. The match is taking place at 3am on Sunday, June 2. We apologize for the confusion. Reset your alarms.


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