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Didi Has a Self-Driving Taxi You Can Sign Up For. But....

By Aug 12, 2020 Tech & IT
We're one-fifth of the way through the 21st century and yet we aren't living on the moon, no one's cured cancer, and we haven't received a single jetpack. Imagine the tingles of excitement across our eyeballs as we read that Didi has begun trialing driverless cars! Finally! We're finally in the future. The company plans to have a million robotaxis cruising around, making pentamillion decisions every second weighing the life of its passenger versus pedestrians, by 2030, but they're already on the road up in Jiading.

The service, called 未来出行 and currently available as a tab in Chinese-language Didi only, requires you to sign up as a test dummy beta user for their cars, which only operate in Jiading (and also currently still have a human driver on hand in case the car goes haywire). Back in June, we registered, and then we waited! And waited. And waited. And we're still waiting. We suspect we're going to be kept waiting for a while longer, so here you go: Didi Self-Driving Cars. Shine got to try it but we didn't. Sign-up for it under the 未来出行 tab and maybe you'll be luckier than us.



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