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SHQFF Releases Their Short Films Selections for September's Festival

Jul 17, 2018 | 14:05 Tue
Shanghai's most wonderful-est film festival, the Shanghai Queer Film Festival, is returning to our city's cinemas, coffee houses, and bars-with-screens, this September to once again observe and celebrate queer voices in film. Following on their call for submissions for entries from around the world, organizers have released via their WeChat their selections: "To present a better representation of queen culture in Asia and around the world, this year the Shanghai Queer Film Festival Short Selection has been divided into two units: the Asian Short Film Competition and the World Short Film Competition..." After receiving more than 100 submissions, 8 of the former and 9 of the later will be shown in September, including Slingshot Prince (Sixin Lin, The US/China); Red (Yuchao Feng, The US); Pink Pill (Xiaoshan Jie, China); Uninvited (Seung Yeob Lee, Korea); Sleepover (Jimi Vall Peterson, Sweden); and more. Keep tabs on the SHQFF on their official website and their Facebook (#shqff). The full list of films is on their WeChat, which you can follow by going to their webpage and scanning the QR code.


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