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Malone's Closing At The End Of April

By Apr 14, 2015 Dining
Maybe the biggest closure of 2015 so far. Malone's, that sports bar on Tongren Lu is set to close at the end of April. Been there since 1994, serving up burgers and Filipino covers while creating an environment conducive to low-rent business-trip adultery.

And who better than long-time Shanghai resident The Admiral to eulogize over the place: "Malone's: Reliable for ordering up a blue cheese burger via Sherpas, or, conversely, dining in-house and getting the blue cheese directly from the working girls."

Couple history drops here. Bryce Jenner, who now owns the Big Bamboo sports bar chain, was their first manager. A fellow named DJ SexyPaul used to work there as well, before getting fired for fighting customers. Malone's really used to be the place to be. Hell, the Malone's birthday party was like the biggest event of the year. Times have changed.

Malone's tried unsuccessfully to expand into Thumb Plaza in Pudong, and completed construction on a venue in Suzhou but got shut down by the fire department before they could even open. They got acquired by a Singaporean company a few years ago but….guess that wasn't such a good investment.

Here's a throwback gallery from their 15 year birthday party in 2009. R.I.P.


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  • chachachow


  • handoogies

    In the days when Shanghai truly was the Wild West establishments like these made a whole lot of sense for expats that didn't want to eat Chinese food and drink shitty baijiu. Now that the whole f&b scene has developed to a more or less international level, and the fact that traditional older expat population is being dwarfed by young foreign students and those with a China dream, these type establishments seem awfully antiquated, like a relic almost.

  • Woaizhongguo

    Yes, it had a good run, but Shanghai has moved on. I won't miss it.

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