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Tonight: Nakadia at Holly Sh*t

Jan 9, 2014 | 10:51 Thu
Lola cruises into the new year with a month full of international bookings, starting tonight when the Holly Sh*t crew host DJ Nakadia. She's a Thai DJ who's been building a following throughout Asia over the past couple of years. She was hear in the Summer, again playing at Lola.

She calls herself "Asia's most successful female DJ". Eh, who knows about that, but there's no doubt she gets booked all over the place — 54 countries in the past few years, by her count. In any case, Holly Sh*t is a great night and one of the few places to

pack a dancefloor on a Thursday night in Shanghai. Hats off to Charp and Thoma Cher for making that night pop over the past 12+ months.

Then the rest of the month looks excellent for Lola. They put their listings in too late to make our Agenda article, but they have got a few killer nights coming up. Next week Holly Sh*t have Detroit producer and DJ Alton Miller. He's been putting out releases (mainly in Chicago, where he's based) since the early 1990s. He set up The Music Institute, a seminal early Chicago house club, with Chez Damier in 1988. His catalogue of releases is pretty heavy.

Other Lola highlights this month include Boston's Soul Clap, the duo behind that Adventures of Soul Clap podcast, and the incomparable John Talabot, who released one of our favorite albums of last year, ƒin. He makes deep, minimal tribal music. That albums is staggeringly good.

So, Lola continues to bring the noise in '14.