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Exeunt Ruijin Cajun; Enter Palmetto, the Latest from Paul Gray
By Mar 16, 2017 Dining
After their quick and surprising closure at the start of this year, the back corner space next to 800 Show that was southern comfort food-and-bar Ruijin Cajun is being reborn tomorrow night as Palmetto. The obligatory restaurant subtitle: "Southern Kitchen and Cocktails". The concerns behind the new place are Shanghai F&B mainstay and original Admiral of the Seven Seas Paul Gray, Chef Gavin McAleer of chili and taco fest acclaim (also Jalapeno and Two Jerks), and Jason Oakley (Fifty 8° Grill, Laris, Coquille, Scarpetta) turning in some consulting on the project. They're also renovating the space to suit the new concept. Probably something leafy. If you're looking for an early peek at the new place, they're hosting in Shanghai Comedy Club tomorrow night for the boozy Open Mic, Open Bar thing. 150rmb gets you all you can drink and three hours of stand-up comedy. Last word from the Ruijin Cajun boys is that they're still scouting their next location for the next iteration of the American comfort food fav'.


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