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Nat Alexander's Pizza Resto Homeslice Opens Today
By Jan 20, 2017 Dining
Here's another F&B happening for your careful consideration. Local pop-up tycoon Nat Alexander is opening his Da Tong Mill pizza restaurant Homeslice today. Lots of people looking forward to this one. Seems like the wait is over! As of 5pm today, Friday, January 20, regular schmoes off the street can get a slice from the man. For their soft opening period, they're going to be open from now until January 26, every evening, with a limited menu serving 6 different pies and slices. Then back closed again for CNY and open again February 4 or something. What are you waiting for? Oh yeah, for it to be 5pm...


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  • 12 months ago rebekahdub

    but do they deliver

  • 12 months ago morgan

    Spoke to Nat. They're going to start delivery in February, probably through Sherpa's or another third party delivery company. Going back down there today. Will confirm when they start delivering...

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