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Art Stew: This Weekend's GUMBO, An Illustration Pop-Up

Jul 4, 2019 | 13:09 Thu
Interesting event happening this weekend for artsy people in amongst a hot month for art in general. Japanese comfort café Xime is hosting GUMBO– an illustration pop-up that takes its name from the Cajun dish involving bits and pieces of everything in a pot and the hope it turns out tasty. This is the plan for Saturday.

Some of the work on offer will include Chilean photographer and illustrator Sebastian Correa’s street-side scenes, Idle Beats guy Gregor Koerting’s existential statements about multi-cultural society, Director of Art at PlusMinus Luna’s deep bold colors and detailed linework, American Jonathan Wilson’s adventurous and playful sketches, and work from the people behind Shaving in the Dark, a collective of illustrators and editors who put together a compilation of their comics in a communal zine. It’ll mostly be prints, stickers and pins for sale, each with the respective artist’s personal spin and style. It's free and it gives you an excuse to start drinking at noon. Art!


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