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Lots of Wonderful Shows Are Coming to The Pearl Theater

By Mar 23, 2016 Arts


The Pearl -- it's like it's the pearl of the "pearl of the Orient".

Or something like that. Anyway, the title says it all: The Pearl Theater is hosting a lot of wonderful looking shows in the near future. A bit of music, a bit of dance, even some magic. They’re hitting every audience demographic it seems. There’s a hypnosis act, a stand-up comedy performance, live music, and a burlesque cabaret production, all in the near future.

What's next, we wonder!

Monster trucks. We’re hoping monster trucks are next.

In the meantime, here’s some info on those shows...


Steven Comedy Hypnosis Show @ 9pm, March 26

Hypnosis man (Hypnotizer? Mesmerist?) Steven -- just Steven -- will put 12-20 guests into a trance and make them “forget to drink water” and think that “they are super models”. Sounds like a good one for people who like getting in on the with act, though they say you don’t remember a thing after you wake up from your hypnosis trance. This one's family friendly. Tickets are 150rmb.


Qi-POW! After Dark @ 9pm, April 8 & 9

This one’s not so family friendly. Burlesque cabaret group Qi-POW! takes you on a “a guided tour of dreamland where dark and light meet to become fantasies taking flight and inner demons revel in the flesh. Featuring spell-binding striptease and dangerously sexy circus arts”. Pworrr! Yeah, definitely not family friendly. Tickets are 180rmb.


Live Comedy Show: Joe Machi at 9pm, April 15 & 16

The Pearl joins the comedy scene with comedian Joe Machi, winner of the 2013 NY Comedy Festival's Funniest Comedian Competition. He’s performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and he finished 4th out of 100 on Season 8 of Last Comic Standing. Sounds like a good one. Tickets are 180rmb.


Tribute Concert Series: ABBA at 9pm, April 29 & 30

Continuing with The Pearl’s Concert Series, their tribute performers revive the Swedish disco pop superstars ABBA. Expect the greatest hits from the band's 11-year (timeless) career. Tickets are 180rmb.

Many more shows to check out over on SmartTicket.



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