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"Never have I seen such an assortment of massively obese, tattooed wierdos..."

Aug 15, 2016 | 17:01 Mon
Broadcasting LIVE from the Saizeriya on Nanjing Dong Lu, it's the SmartShanghai restaurant review of the week! Much love to everyone who wrote in. Now let's review some quotes and give someone 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery cash…

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"I really want to love this place as there aren't that many veggie restaurants in Shanghai, but it has disappointed twice now." -- ChristineRobertson on Happy Buddha

"I was ready to try this tasty frozen treat on a hot day like today, only to find it was so watered down I just had to drink it. The best thing about it were the nuts and raisins that gave it a little chew. …You let me down Bowl'd, you really let me down." -- mimilone77 on Bowl'd

"What made this trip stand out for me though was that after we asked if they had any deals on, bam, yessir god damn, buy one get one free on most salads. Obviously I bought two salads for myself and I must say that it was one of the most satisfying meals I've had in Shanghai for a little while." -- C_Dawwg on Element Fresh (Shanghai Centre)

"Very impressed, winding down my Shanghai clock. But after 10 years here, one of the best value meals I have had. Wine list and drink prices super reasonable also. Recommend." -- Kiwib on Chez Maurice

"Can I say that this is - for me - one of the most amazing surprises in 2016. Food is delicious, tasty and shaped into new recipies which get the best notes out of key ingredients." -- qantsi on RAW

"We got our açaí bowls during our second visit to the store (they ran out of açaí bowls by 8pm the first time we went there) and were at first delighted with the Fancy Berry, then unimpressed with the Waikiki Hotty." -- kelgia on Bowl'd

"If you are willing to wait a long time, in the sun, to eat average tangbaos... then this might be the place for you. If not, go somewhere else, there are other good places around People's Square." -- NELEN on Jia Jia Tang Bao

"Short version: I'll go back on a weekend afternoon and hit the happy hour for the Qingdao IPA and ahi tuna tacos." -- millionyearsago on World of Beer

"Obviously you go for the brews but the bites aren't too bad as long as you keep your expectations in check." -- millionyearsago on Bites & Brews

"I might be entirely wrong here, chalk it up to growing pains, or just the fact that they seemed to have gotten the shaft by the mall planners, but this ain't no Cuivre or T for Thai. Not even close. At least Subway makes the sandwiches for you fresh and in front of your eyes." -- shlinz on Saveur

"The menu is good, well done. With a list of calories, fats, proteins, carbs, fibers and so on.. for each dish. …A bit pricy in my opinion, but is an ok restaurant." -- enteromorfa on Pure & Whole (Shanghai Centre)

"Spotless environment? Check.
Big boned humourless Germanic women? Check. Fantastic quality beef? Check. …Best butcher in Shanghai." -- No ratio Nelson on Swiss Butchery

"Never have I seen such an assortment of massively obese, tattooed wierdos, complete with 3/4 length cargo pants and crocs and socks. The effect on the atmosphere was most alarming." -- No ratio Nelson on Fat Cow (Hongqiao)


And our winner this week is millionyearsago. Thanks for writing some balanced, honest words about a few drinking holes. Congrats. Gold stars, glitter, and a 500rmb Sherpa's voucher coming to your email. Remember, we do this almost every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about it. You can even do it on our brand new app.


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