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Things Well Done | Neocha / Antidote Contest

By Apr 10, 2009
Antidote, your local alterna-electronicy party is teaming up with in a nation-wide talent search for new, unsigned electronic talent. The contest runs from now until the end of May, with two winners chosen according to various criteria, and a debut show in Shanghai to follow.

It's kind of like Dancing with the Stars, but different. Contestants enter new music productions on (right here), and they're judged on "1) Production quality 2) Originality, creativity 3) Structure and form." A formalist critique if I've ever seen one...

The categories are:

1) Introverted: ambient, neo-classical, IDM, downtempo, trip hop, glitch, dub/dub-step, etc.

2) Extroverted: dance/club music like techno, house, electro, hip hop, drum n bass, etc.

Winners get:

- One free ABLETON LIVE 8 Software

- A trip to Shanghai to perform (hotels included)

- Assorted Antidote and Neocha schhhhwag

- Booze from their sponsor, Vedett Beer

Click here to view the entry form and to read the rest of the ins and outs of this thing.



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