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Recap and Highlights of SinoUnited Health 2nd International Women’s Health Symposium

The surge of commitment and advocacy to ensure, improve, and advance the health and well-being of women has become a global trend. During the COVID-19 pandemic, how to meet the increasing healthcare n...
2021-03-08 12:00:00
The surge of commitment and advocacy to ensure, improve, and advance the health and well-being of women has become a global trend. During the COVID-19 pandemic, how to meet the increasing healthcare needs for women using the latest clinical progress and internet technology is also a heated topic among the international medical community.

SinoUnited Health commenced its first International Women’s Health Symposium in 2019. After two years, together with the Mayo Clinic, one of the leading international medical institutions in the United States, and renowned physicians from top tertiary hospitals in Shanghai, SinoUnited Health launched its second Symposium on March 6, 2021, to continue to focus on the development, challenges, and opportunities of women’s health.

During the online symposium, physicians from both China and abroad gave 10 keynote presentations with Q&A sessions followed. Hot topics, including some controversial issues in clinical practice, were discussed by highly-selected Chinese and foreign medical professionals. For example, how to provide online diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic? How to assess women’s sexual health? Can breast cancer patients still conceive? Statistics show that the live broadcast won plaudits from the medical community, with nearly 13,000 audiences and more than 40,000 views in total.

How Does the Mayo Clinic Offer Remote Consultations?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, what is the good practice for the medical industry to maintain stable development and provide quality services? To seek effective solutions, SinoUnited Health invited Dr. Sandhya PRUTHI from the Mayo Clinic to share her perspectives and experiences on healthcare reform with the help of the latest Internet technology.

As the medical director of General Internal Medicine of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Dr. Sandhya PRUTHI shared specific clinical cases in detail to elaborate how the Mayo Clinic provided breast cancer patients with timely professional advice and medical support through remote consultations during the pandemic. It’s worth noting that, while current technology allowing physicians to reach out to patients remotely, virtual consultations can take more advantage of the collaboration of a multi-disciplinary team (MDT). Combined with offline medical services, patients’ medical procedures can be streamlined, thus significantly improving the management efficiency for breast cancer patients. In an efficient and well-managed medical system, remote consultations will help to improve the well-being of cancer patients during the pandemic.

Online medical care is a growing sector in the global healthcare industry. In China, many Internet clinics have already developed. SinoUnited Health, among private medical establishments, is one of the first in obtaining the operation license for Internet medical providers. Dr. Sandhya PRUTHI’s presentation has brought international perspectives and insights into the operation of the Internet healthcare services.

Women’s Sexual Health

“Care for Women, Invest in Reproductive Health, and Improve National Health” is the commitment and goal set by the National Population and Family Planning Commission of P.R. China. Increasing attention has been paid to the sexual health of girls and women in China.

During the symposium, Dr. Carol L. KUHLE, the director of Menopause and Women’s Sexual Health Center, and Dr. Jennifer A. VENCILL, a licensed psychologist and AASECT-certified sex therapist from the Mayo Clinic, discussed how to assess and manage patients’ sexual health from multiple aspects on the basis of evidence-based medicine study data and sexual desire models.

In her presentation, Dr. Carol L. KUHLE reviewed the definition and complexity of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) and discussed potential treatment options. Dr. Jennifer A. VENCILL explored the role of sexual and relationship therapy in solving sexual dysfunction as well as the identification of multiple nature of sexual desire and its clinical evaluation strategies. She also elaborated on sexual therapy from psychological and behavioral perspectives.

Pro. Zheng LU, the chief of the Psychiatry Department of Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, was invited to address the topic of “Psychosexual Health in Adolescents”. Based on the characteristics of adolescent sexual psychology, he analyzed the causes of adolescents’ deviated sexual behaviors and psychology. He also offered solutions for adolescents’ sexual mental health to guide adolescents to establish a proper sexual health concept from an early stage.

In the online panel session, physicians from SinoUnited Health discussed the topic of “Sexual Challenge and Treatment”. Dr. Lily YAN, the director of SinoUnited Health Women’s Health Center, Dr. Timothy Kelly, Clinical Psychologist and the Chief of Behavioral Health Department, Dr. Gang XU, the Chief of Urology, Dr. Carol L. KUHLE, and Dr. Jennifer A. VENCILL shared their insights into providing quality healthcare for women of all ages and life stages.

Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created a multitude of challenges for both the healthcare industry and the medical professionals. However, we are confident to emerge stronger and maintain our high standards. The challenges, in fact, are also opportunities to increase the collaboration among healthcare professionals and providers, both China and abroad, for we share the same vision. ” Dr. Kathy SHI, the founder and CEO of the SinoUnited Health and the Chief of Cardiology, stated in the symposium, “Caring for women’s health needs to move beyond treating diseases to address women holistically, for example, to take care of their psychological needs. This is our higher pursuit.” This idea was frequently revisited during the presentations and discussion panels in the symposium.

According to the National Cancer Center statistics, there are approximately 300,000 new cases of breast cancer each year in China, and the average age of patients is significantly lower than that of patients in other countries. Breast health is an increasingly important focus in China. In the symposium, Dr. Guangyu LIU from Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, and Dr. Wei ZHU from Zhongshan Hospital, addressed the topics of “Issues Related to the Fertility of Breast Cancer Patients” and “Performance and Practice Guideline for Breast Conserving Surgery”, which are among breast cancer patients’ major concerns.

In addition, gynecological health is also a highlight of the symposium. In the keynote presentations on gynecological health in the afternoon, Dr. Megan WASSON from the Gynecology Department of the Mayo Clinic discussed the “Minimally Invasive Treatment of Extra-pelvic and Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis”. Dr. Qing WANG, the deputy director of the Gynecology Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University, reviewed the “Hysteroscopic Treatment of Intrauterine Adhesions”, while Dr. Johnny YI from the Department of Urology and Gynecology at the Mayo Clinic addressed “The Progress in Management and Treatment of Urinary Incontinence”, sharing the latest progress of the treatment plan for urinary incontinence.

Dr. Buchu WU and Li ZHENG from SinoUnited Health hosted the Q&A session, and had in-depth discussions with Dr. Michelle LU-FERGUSON from Ferguson Women’s Health, Dr. Xiaowen TONG from Tongji University School of Medicine, and Dr. Qing WANG from Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University.

SinoUnited Health 2nd International Women’s Health Symposium has successfully concluded and the symposium is becoming an important platform for advocacy and advance for women’s health. As Dr. Kathy SHI mentioned in her speech, "No medical advance is achieved overnight", a mature academic exchange platform also takes time to develop. With the development of its very own Women’s Health Center and the continuous endeavor of international multidisciplinary collaboration, SinoUnited Health aims to fulfill the commitment to provide women with the most advanced and personalized care available.

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