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SinoUnited Health Brings High-quality International Medical Service from Shanghai to Hangzhou

In April 2021, SinoUnited Health officially announced the opening of Hangzhou Kerry Clinic. After five years of successful growth in Shanghai, the service network of SinoUnited Health has ‘broken’...
2021-04-16 12:00:00
In April 2021, SinoUnited Health officially announced the opening of Hangzhou Kerry Clinic. After five years of successful growth in Shanghai, the service network of SinoUnited Health has ‘broken’ through the Yangtze River Delta and is expanding its health services to the people in Hangzhou.

The new clinic is located inside Hangzhou Kerry Center, in downtown Hangzhou. Covering 500 square meters, equipped with 6 consulting rooms and radiology services, the clinic embodies excellence and professionalism. Currently, the Hangzhou Clinic has launched its services for Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Orthopedics.
In addition, comprehensive Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation services are being introduced to fulfill the demand for advanced rehabilitation services.

“When can I access SinoUnited Health services at home?”

As a healthcare provider with high-quality services in Shanghai for 5 years, SinoUnited Health has set foot in Hangzhou to meet patients’ demands.

In March 2016, SinoUnited Health’s first clinic, Shanghai Centre Clinic, opened its doors. With the GP + Specialist model and “Patient First” concept, SinoUnited Health has quickly gained an outstanding reputation among its clients due to its professional medical teams. It has attracted clients from nearby cities. SinoUnited Health gradually expanded to 5 clinics, which are located in CBD and residential areas of Shanghai,
“When can I access SinoUnited Health services at home?” is a question people in Hangzhou frequently ask.

“I’m sincerely happy for the arrival of SinoUnited Health!” At the opening ceremony, an international client who frequently travels back and forth between Shanghai and Hangzhou, shared his thoughts on stage. He thinks Hangzhou is becoming more and more international, and the Chinese and that international community welcome medical providers such as SinoUnited Health to meet their healthcare demands with international services.

SinoUnited Health partners with Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s most renowned medical institution, to offer better and high-quality internationalized services for its clients.

What is it like to seek medical service in a “landscape scroll”?

Mountains and water, the traditional Chinese artistic image, appears in every corner of the Hangzhou Kerry Clinic’s interior. Paintings of light blue peaks, winding rivers, and the rising sun offer a tranquil atmosphere, enabling the client to feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they step inside the clinic.

What makes SinoUnited Health stand out is its service-oriented approach. From the moment the client makes an appointment and enters the clinic, the entire medical team has already begun providing care for them. The whole service process is designed to adhere to the concept of “patient first” which conforms to the integrated care model of clinics in Europe and the US. SinoUnited Health strives to provide a pleasant and satisfactory clinic experience for all clients.

Currently, SinoUnited Health is introducing pioneering services related to sports medicine and rehabilitation to the Hangzhou community and becoming a center of excellence.

"With many years of operation, our services for athletic ability assessment and guidance services, sports injury treatment, functional rehabilitation, and pain management have earned us an outstanding reputation in Shanghai as testified by our clients.” Dr. Kathy Shi , Founder and CEO, believes that these services will receive attention and recognition from the Hangzhou community after its introduction.

Clinic information:

Hangzhou Kerry Center,
Room 601, Building 2, 385 Yan'an Lu,
Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

4001862116 / 0571-8825 6088

Mon-Tue, Thu-Sat, 9am-6pm