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[Mixtape]: Five Swirling Tracks from Zen Mother for Psychedelic Bliss

Apr 27, 2018 | 15:58 Fri
Sneaking in amongst all the festival brouhaha this weekend is Zen Mother, the experimental rock two-piece of Monika Khot (Nordra, Invisible Hand) and Adam Wolcott Smith ((Invisible Hand, The Growlers). Ahead of their "Psychedelic Shanghai" show this Saturday night at Mao Livehouse, the Seattle duo sent over five tracks ideal for sunny days, biscuits, and small circular purple sunglasses. Turn up, tune in, VPNs on, click through.



The Mixmaker:

"Zen Mother is about the proliferation of self confidence and drug substitutes."

Seeing is believing. Taste the goods.

From their label, Illuminasty: "They formed the project after trading avant-garde secrets, and quickly decided to weave those secrets together into a heavy, electronic-rock based duo, often with the addition of a cellist and drummer. The music is dynamic in nature, lending itself to sonic focus and harnessing control of the mind. Industrial harshness is paired with ambient beauty all alongside the ever-pervasive feeling of torment."

Luxuriant, heavy times, y'all. Here's Monika Khot and Adam Wolcott Smith with five of the singular greatest songs of all time.


Blonde Redhead - "Messenger"

Zen Mother says: "This is the quintessential lush drone-rock jam that I can’t listen to just once in one sitting. It’s one of the most emotional tracks I’ve ever heard... this is the greatest song of all time."

Bjork - "Hyperballad"

Zen Mother says: "I (attempt to) sing this in 1 out of every 3 showers. Bjork is a genius in so many ways and it’s hard to even choose one of her tracks as my favorite, but the semi-techno qualities of this track fused with incredible songwriting is obliterating. This is the greatest song of all time."

SUMAC - "Rigid Man"

Zen Mother says: "This track is absolutely..crushing. It’s the sonification of hell in a way. Each musician in the band is incredibly talented—they craft the most intense and tasteful experimental metal. This is the greatest song of all time."

erkin koray - "Cemalin"

Zen Mother says: "Known as the Turkish Jimi Hendrix, spread the gospel of rock n’roll to turkey in the early 60’s, but it was this slam hammer from the 70’s that blew my brain. sounds like Floyd fronted by Michael Gira. This is the greatest song of all time."

Can - "Deadlock"

Zen Mother says: "I would listen to this song even if it was only the guitar track. The riff/vocal melody of this song is fucking undeniably emotional. It transports you to an alternate universe where you have to say goodbye to your lover who has betrayed you. This is the greatest song of all time."


Don't miss Zen Mother at Psychedelic Shanghai this Saturday night at Mao Livehouse.


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