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Big Changes For MIDI Festival 2014 This Weekend [Bummer]

By Apr 23, 2014 Nightlife
You can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather. The folks organizing this weekend's MIDI Festival laid some big plans for 2014. They talked about free camping for 5,000 people all weekend, free entry into the festival after 10pm, and an electronic stage raging all night.

Welp, that's not happening anymore. Nope. According to the organizers, local authorities won't allow any nighttime activities at music festivals. Also, the camping tent supplier quit. Must have been tired from pitching all those tents.

But here's some good news - MIDI did get permission to extend the festival until midnight on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This means there's now about 259 DJs playing in 33 hours. Plus, you can see Beijing band SUBS, Xi'an nu-metal outfit Twisted Machine, and CONNNNNRRRAAAANKKKKK. It's still a music festival.



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  • loon2012

    How about raining? seems like a big rain on Saturday, is it going to be canceled?

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