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Educate Yourself: Phoebe Han and UnTour Are Doing a Baijiu Masterclass On Sunday

Aug 6, 2020 | 11:00 Thu
Fact: Baijiu is more complex than you think it is. Fact: Baijiu is good, actually. Fact: Phoebe Han of HEALER has teamed up with UnTour Food Tours to do a masterclass on the single most popular alcohol in the world (by volume sold), and it's happening on World Baijiu Day — Sunday, August 9. Phoebe Han, one of Shanghai's best proponents for Chinese alcohol, walks nascent baijiu fans through the fascinating history of baijiu and how it became so popular, explain the different styles and aromas, how to infuse baijiu, and how to integrate the... let's say "robust" flavors of some Chinese ingredients into cocktails.

Here's your chance to re-examine your biases against the sorghum liquor under Phoebe's capable guidance. It's 250rmb presale, including a baijiu flight and custom baijiu cocktail, or 300rmb on the door. Starts 5pm. Sign-up on the event listing.


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