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MIDI Festival Location Change and More

By Apr 9, 2014 Nightlife
So many festivals, what to do…? We just announced that Justice and HIM are coming to Strawberry Festival next month, but here's a little info about MIDI Festival, coming up from April 25–27.

First up, new location. Century Park? Not happening. Apparently they don't want music festivals anymore. Could be the result of this, but we're not sure. The new site is out in Sanjiagang in Pudong, about 10km from the airport. That's where the MIDI electronic festival happened last fall.

Second, MIDI will go later than ever, with the electronic stage raging all night. The festival site will stay open from 1pm on Friday until 10pm on Sunday, with DJs playing all night on Friday and Saturday. You can get in for free between 10pm–10am on Friday and Saturday night, according to the organizers. Hopefully the xiaotou don't creep up in the night..

But what about the music? Over on the electronic stage they've got Conrank, Jasmine Li, Acid Pony Club, Thoma Cher, Ben Huang, Siesta, Kamikaze Kids, Chris Jobs, Dexter, Logan Hudak, Vers@ille, Hip Hop Hijack, and Love Bang, along with several regulars at The Mansion and other local heads in the DJ scene.

They'll also have a nightbus going from downtown to MIDI and back, running from 10pm–12pm. That will run you 50rmb - not a bad deal because a cab would cost 150–200rmb.

More info as we get it, including the full lineup for the rock stage. For now, enjoy this recap of the 2013 Changjiang MIDI over on China Music Radar.



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    ouch. one of the only reasons worth going was to hang in the park. midi has done a nice job of relegating itself to the outer spheres of relevancy.

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