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Check Out this New Bookstore with a Pretty Good English-Language Section

May 9, 2018 | 14:53 Wed
There's this new bookstore, Sinan Books, a 3-floor bookstore housed in a historic building, one to add to the list that may just blow the others out of the water in terms of selection and pretty places to sit and read. The store's peddling books in Chinese and English, with a pleasantly large English-language selection. Click on for photos and all they've got.



When you walk into Sinan Books you arrive on the second floor, there's a 'best-sellers' selection, a mix of hardback and paperback from 120rmb-380rmb. Once you step into the main room prices get lower, with oldies but goodies like Catcher in the Rye (new) for 60rmb and Fahrenheit 451, 65rmb. This section in the lobby seems be a mash up of a high school reading list and movie titles from 2012-2017 with: Carol, Dunkirk, Me Before You, and Life of Pi (paperbacks from 60rmb-120rmb).


On the second floor you'll also find those bookstore buys like notebooks, knick-knacks, Instax cameras and a little cafe serving macaroons and pour over coffee (can't you taste this gold?). There's also a little lounge area with a decent amount of tables, perfect for sitting, thinking deeps thoughts, or meeting with your book club. More seating on the first floor with an outdoor patio.


Down on the first floor is where it gets real interesting. There's a little reading nook where previous tenant Feng Yuxiang used to kick it and rows on rows of history and art books with a Chinese language section to the left, and 'The London Review' room to the right. TLR room is secluded and cosy, not unlike Slytherin's common room in green and black; here you can find some new releases like the latest book of essays from Zadie Smith, to the seemingly out of place classic like The Feminine Mystique (interestingly, there's feminism sprinkled throughout the store with gems like Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit, 245rmb hardcover, showing up in almost every section).


Sinan Books

517 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Sinan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Definitely worth checking out, even if just to sniff that new book smell or hanging out on one of their two patios. And for the random collections like exhibition hall on the third floor, which is currently toting copies of The Communist Manifesto.


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