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Parkway Has a Hotline to Ask a Doctor Questions About Coronavirus

Feb 15, 2020 | 15:13 Sat
So many questions floating about, so few experts to answer them. Do masks work or not? How long is the incubation period? Is your dry throat from sitting under the AC all day, or should you check into a clinic? You could scour the internet for clues and answers, sifting through the bunk and hokum, or you could just call a doctor. Parkway has set up a hotline (or rather, a service on their existing hotline) that lets you ask a doctor questions directly. The number is 400 819 6622, then 2 for English and 9 for the special service. They were all busy on my first try, but on my second, I got through to Dr. Tan, who answered my questions about masks and the incubation period quickly and with the confidence of someone with letters after their name. Yup. It works. Stop worrying. Give them a call.


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