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Farine Case Has Day in Court: Jail Sentences and Fines Handed Down

By Feb 23, 2019 Dining


The expired flour scandal that pulled the one-time pastry king (Franck Pecol) from his throne and quickly shuttered his empire (Farine and more) has finally come to a resolution. On Friday, the remaining defendants got their day in court in Shanghai, though not Pecol, who fled to Paris and is rumored to be behind this Shanghai dumpling shop in the French capital (motto: No Dogs. No Cats. No Rats. Just Shanghainese cuisine). The charges against Pecol are being handled in a separate case. According to the SCMP, three French employees were given suspended jail terms after being found guilty of using expired flour. Suspended terms typically mean they won't serve any more jail time other than what they may have already done. Laurent Fortin, who had supposedly worked for the company for a matter of months before being arrested, was also fined 60,000rmb. The other two French defendants, who were also fined, were named as Marion Claudia Christine Tuduri and Damien Joseph Armand Ortal. Of the five Chinese defendants, three also received suspended sentences and two did not receive any punishment. The two corporate entities that Pecol ran the business through were fined 2.6 million rmb. So wraps up one of the most high-profile food scandals to hit Shanghai in recent years, though the Franck restaurant, named after Pecol, soldiers on, as do some of his former staff, who went on to open boulangerie Luneurs and uber-popular crepe restaurant RAC.



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  • 11 months ago Donny who loved Bowling Unverified User

    Wow ~ talk about witch hunt!!! There you have it folks.

  • 10 months ago Any real proof SMSH? Unverified User

    Do you have any proof in hands that Pecol is behind Paris business Little Bao?

    Having high doubts about that ...

  • 9 months ago Humpsey Unverified User

    It’s bullshit that Franck owns the Shanghai shop in France, i went there last week and met the REAL owners, and they are really really nice and what about their authentic shanghainese dishes? So good. So please don’t refer his name to this place.
    Thank you.

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