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New Year, New Little Creatures, New Beef & Liberty and OMG New Homeslice! (Oh, Light & Salt Closed)

By Jan 5, 2018 Dining
It's a new year, Shanghai, but it's the same BS. We've got a million openings, half a million closings, and all kinds of hot goss. Apart from Little Creatures opening their brewer's lab concept, Beef & Liberty, Chikalicious, and Al's all have new spots open or opening. Expat hangout of ages past Piro has been resurrected as nostalgia bait. Meanwhile, Light & Salt on the Bund has closed (possibly temporarily?), ALL Club is shut for renovation, and you guys, new Homeslice. New Homeslice.


Now Open

Big news from Julu Lu's subterranean sanctuary, Found 158; Little Creatures has opened up in the space that used to be SEL. It's a temple to the eponymous craft beer, as well as its sister brewery White Rabbit, and it looks nice. They've got some cool gadgets and gizmos in there for hopheads to stroke their fulsome mustaches over with furrowed brows. That includes a canner, so you can take your beers home, and a beer "randall" which, according to the the first Google result for 'what the hell is a randall' is..

... is an organoleptic hop transducer module, a double-chamber filter that you connect to a tap of your favorite beer and fill with flavor-enhancing ingredients.

Holy shit, hopheads, is this what you all got degrees in engineering for?

Little Creatures Brewer's Lab

Beef & Liberty (Kerry Parkside) has opened up, where they appear to be doing the same thing they do; pricey but extremely good burgers. Let the wave of burgers wash over you.

Top-tier dessert shop Chikalicious has opened up a new branch in Taikoo Hui.

Fancy upscale French place Paris Blanc focuses on meat, including an upright rotisserie chicken they present to you like they're re-staging the crucifixion for your white-tableclothed culinary delight.

New Piro

Capping off a year where Charlie's has been exceedingly busy, Piro resurrected. That's the place that was Charlie's, before Charlie's. Jesus Christ, Charlie's people, slow the eff down. It's taking over where The Milkshake Bar used to be, and doing a menu that's one page each of the best selling items at Charlie's venues of yore; on top of Milkshake's milkshakes, Captain Rooster, Baobai Noodle Bar, Old Piro, and Dos Locos.

Finally, The Peacock Room is now open to the public. We really liked it.

Now Closed

Apart from the previously reported on Alan Wong, Inferno, another big closing was Light & Salt on the Bund. As far as we understand, the contract for their lease was up, and they've closed the placed down while they renegotiate it. Which sounds... a little odd, honestly. The staff at one of their other venues mentioned that there might be a new L&S spot going into the Ruijin Lu area in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for that...

Light & Salt on the Bund

Baobei Noodle Bar closed two weeks ago. See above.

ALL Club has closed for a few weeks for some renovations, no quotation marks, while they work on improving their sound system and the space.

Slightly older news, but RUIN has closed. Not as quick as some, but quick. Apparently it's going to become some new cocktail bar, unrelated to Dada. Hopefully they put in a new door somehow so you don't have to enter through the club...?

Ruin Bar

Also slightly old news, Refuel Cafe and their upstairs Refuel Bar have both closed down. The hoarding that's gone up suggests that YOUNG, described as "Creative Hotpot" is going in its place. Exciting.

The Word Around Town

Homeslice 2 is going in near the entrance to Zhongshan Park. Construction should begin sometime after Chinese New Year. Pizza in the park. That is all. Contain yourselves. I said contain yourselves. Christ. We've got a long year to get through, settle down.

We've spoken to Daphne of vegan fine-dining spots Uptown and Daphne, and despite the hoarding (I use that word a lot since I discovered it) going down on its expected location on Yuyuan Lu, she assured us that the project is still moving forward. So, that's some good news!

And in more upscale news, Al's Diner has decided to move up from their middle-class working man roots, by opening Al's Place. That's opening up in K11 next week.

The Happenings

Menus, Parties, Anniversaries, Whatever

Candor is holding its 1 year anniversary tomorrow. They've got an invite-only party going on, so keep that in mind in case you were hoping to pop in for a cocktail with a popcorn bucket attached to it. Congratulations to those guys for helping to move the cabaret scene closer to the center, and for having one of Shanghai's nicest-looking 20's nostalgia joints in town.


Glam's doing its monthly vegan brunch on Sunday, call ahead to see if there're any spots left! Six course sharing menu and a healthy, heeeealthy juice for 328rmb.

Over at Unico/The Chop Chop Club, world-class guest bartender Chris Lowder's doing his mixology thing. They've got a buy-one-get-one deal on cocktails from 9.30pm to 10.30pm, and no entrance fee.



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