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Deals Tested: Velluto's 128Rmb Gillardeau Oysters

By Nov 4, 2015 Dining
This week in shuckin' and jivin', Velluto, the Italian restaurant on Nanjing Dong Lu, is offering half a dozen Gillardeau Oysters (No. 2 -- the big ones) for 128rmb, which they usually sell for 58rmb each. Those oysters, which some have put on the same level as Hermès, are often faked. As a preventative measure, the company began laser imprinting all their oyster shells last year.

Velluto's oysters, as you can see below, do have the imprint. That said, laser engravings aren't 100% fake–proof either, though faking that takes a bit more effort than just writing a brand name on a menu.

Kind of a shame though. They didn't properly shuck these guys. There were bits of grit on some of the meat, and none of the oysters were removed from the bottom shell. Still, it's a good deal that runs until the end of the month. I would go back.

The restaurant is on the smaller side, a quiet-dinner type of place with low lighting. Other peeps there were mostly young fuerdai, girlfriends doing a dinner together, and one older dude just eating alone. I went alone around dinner time, so they asked if I was waiting for someone or if I wanted to order anything else other than the oysters. Nope, and that was fine. No one gave a fuck. They didn't hassle me about looking at the menu again or anything like that.

With a glass of wine to compliment the oysters, you're looking at a price tag closer to the 200rmb mark. If you did want to have dinner here, it'd run you around 300rmb, but you could do it on the cheaper side too as they have pizzas starting at 88rmb.

There's a few other oyster deals in town that we didn't check out, but sound pretty good. The Tea Room in the Hyatt on the Bund has oysters flown in from Washington State going for 110rmb for six or 190rmb for a dozen. For 250rmb, you'll get a dozen plus a bottle of Tarani Sauvignon Blanc. That deal is good from 5-8pm everyday until the end of November.

Le Bordelais also has a deal from Friday through Sunday. A dozen oysters go for 98rmb to 178rmb depending on the week (and market price). Their oysters are shipped in from France, they say, but the people we spoke with didn't know what type of oysters they were. Nevertheless, that's pretty good value that you can get at both their locations. The offer is available from 6.30-11pm on Friday and Saturday, and 11.30-3pm on Sunday.


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    Badly shucked oysters just ruin the pleasure of eating them. I'd rather have one well shucked full price oyster than half a dozen cheaper badly shucked ones. Bloody amateurs.

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